sweet tea (nothingweknow) wrote,
sweet tea

"is it ever going to be enough"


Travel light, its going to be a long haul. I'm here to go the distance. My skull is too thick to do anything different. The question that remains to be answered is can you go the distance?

External forces happen to be my strong suit. If by strong suit you assume I mean the ability to ignore.

Fuck you mother, fuck you Shawna, fuck you Ms. Pam, to save time lets just say fuck you. I'm a level playground type guy. Fuck each and everyone of you.

I'm not going to apologize. You can go ahead and file that under "dream".

Punching someone is a effective way to settle things. Might does make right.
You should work hard, everyday.
Tell the truth as best as you know.
When you shake hands make eye contact.
"friend" is a term earned over time not based on common interest.
Friends are worth more than blood.
Family is a relative term.

Be strong, help the weak, pour yourself into everything you do.
Never settle or back down.

The most important thing listen to yourself relay on how you feel. And never feel guilty about your feelings. Use them as a compass.
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and yet you do apologize every time. Stop saying shit you will take back, it's not fixing anything.
That is good advice. I will.