sweet tea (nothingweknow) wrote,
sweet tea

Roof leaks, property taxes, health insurance, cool air intake systems.

Topics my best friend and I talked about the other day when I saw him for our first real social visit in over two months. Even on our "social" visits he needed help fixing up his house. I treated it just like a job in retrospect. When there was nothing else to do I left so I could beat the traffic home.

Fuck me I'm old.

Here I am literally debating on which zip code to buy a house in because of the schools.

Mandarin and Spanish opposed German and Spanish.

Here I am debating the merits of a language and culture to determine which zip code I choose to pay property taxes in. I actually thought about a person I know from China and the one person I knew from Germany. The man from China is by far the sharpest cat I have ever known. And the guy I knew from Germany slept with my best friends girl.

So you see right there how I am not the person meant to be making these sort of decisions.

Currently Shawna and I going through a trial separation. Things have been going smooth as far as I could tell until tonight. When she picked Shane up from school and brought him back and stayed until bedtime. At which time Shane began to cry and ask me if his mommy could stay. Imagines of cowboys in black masks wearing black hats keep flashing through my mind. I get to play the role of bad guy.

The real reason I'm old
I want a wife.
I want a circa 1952 wife.
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