sweet tea (nothingweknow) wrote,
sweet tea

So today was another one of those annual work parties.  I realized something earlier today.  While sitting on a cooler having such deep conversations about the differences between smoking and grilling ribs and the pros and cons of a carborator or fuel injection.  What inspired the latter topic was a Chevy 454 big block (duel carborator). 

Fuck, I'm part hillbilly.

"My uncle Bubba used to own a mint green monster truck; but he had to sell it after his neighbors in the mobile home community complained about the noise"

^   that is a true statement.

Damn it, I read poetry, listen to NPR and I can't stand the taste of Budwiser.  I like to play chess and have kissed boys before.  Right now I'm listening to the Cold War Kids.  I shave my entire body for fucks sake.  

And yet, I like pick up trucks, enjoy camping and tools.

     Leaning back in a chair letting my mind mole this over I happened to glance towards Woodward where I saw a primer black truck with a Rebel flag attached to the tailgate of the truck, not 30 seconds later Earl (white hillbilly I mean beer belly no shirt Hillbilly) walked up to Anthony (Black Black man) and asks him if he's cooking some soul food and then informed Anthony that he brought extra watermelons for him.  Anthony replied with "I'm glad you and your sister are so close, kissing each other like that". 
    Now maybe I live in a weird little shell.  Because that's how things are for me and always have been.  Earl and Anthony have both known me since I was a boy.  In my little shell our differences actually our stereo types are nothing more than a joke for us.  I guess its been on my mind lately, with the first black president and then that Harvard professor getting arrested for breaking into his own house. 
    Call me silly but I don't think the fact that there is a black man who is President is that much of a mile stone for "race relations" when he is referred to as the first black President.  Yeah great, he's black o.k. he can dance but will he be a good President?  That's what I care about.
    And that Harvard Professor would have been arrested, charged and held  if he was anyone but who he is, not because he's black because he was being a dick to that cop.  I'm a halfbreed but I look a Northman, and I've been slammed to the ground and cuffed by both white and black cops.  In all fairness I was being a dick.  Every time I've been polite and explained myself I've been treated the same with one exception.  Even then that was only one of several cops who were on "scene". 

I personally rather keep joking about our stereo types over some food. 
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