sweet tea (nothingweknow) wrote,
sweet tea

OK if someone causes a car wreck that creates a traffic issue (and assuming they live.), they should be pulled from the wreckage and shot in the gut then left on the side of the road.   

I bet that would cut down on the distractions people indulge in while driving. 

What is wrong with people?  You are in control of a ton of steel.  Literally at least a ton.  It takes 8 psi to break a bone.  Here we are allowing people to control 250 times the weight needed, adding momentum then giving these ADHD fucks mobile social network updates.  Sorry Darwin I'm tired of waiting. 

Needless to say I get several hours a day sitting in traffic thinking thoughts like "could I claim road rage at my trial?"  or "How do you take caffeine out of coffee beans?" 

I drink like three times the amount of energy drinks that the cans suggest.  Who doesn't love self induced mania?  But that helps fun thoughts like "when I donate blood, I wonder if they have to run it through some methylene chloride to make it usable".
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